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Buying a home or selling a home? Put experienced real estate professionals on your side. At Independent Realty of Montrose, MI, “experience” isn’t just a “buzz word” that we’re throwing out there to impress you. When we talk about experience we’re telling you that we’ve worked long and hard to develop the negotiation skills which help our clients understand all of their options, avoid overpaying for their new home, and achieve better sales prices when selling their old homes.

Real estate transactions can be complicated, but there isn’t a bump in the road or an obstacle in the path that we haven’t encountered before. We can also help you lay the groundwork that allows us to help you avoid some pitfalls before problems arise. This means that your real estate experience will be smoother, less stressful, and more satisfying.

Our home town Real Estate office is prepared to give you plenty of personalized attention. You’re not just our new clients. You’re our new friends and neighbors, too.

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